In our case, our founders opened the box and ‘got’ each other.

It was a Thursday morning in late 2019, when George decided it was time to look for a homestay specialist to manage some properties. He googled (like most people) on who’s who in Johor Bahru, and was intrigued when he stumbled upon JB Minsu.

JB Minsu? Interesting name. Reminded him of the time when he stayed in a ‘Minsu’ in Taiwan. He dropped Raymond a Whatsapp message and was almost floored when Raymond responded within a minute.

Raymond was professional. His reply stood out from the others that George had contacted. So George decided to meet him first over everyone else.

On that day, George arrived early at JB Minsu’s office. A silver car parked a couple of lots away and a black-clad chap stepped out – He looked friendly enough. George walked over and asked if he was Raymond. Astonised, with a down-to-earth style and a big smile, he asked

“Hey, how did you know?!”

It was a good start. George felt he was a good bloke. It was still early and off to breakfast they went. They talked a lot (mostly Raymond) and George saw that the homestay industry was growing as more homeowners shifted to short-term rental – like what George himself wanted to do. He also knew the importance of having a reliable and trustworthy operator for property management. As Raymond talked, his mind drifted to why not do more for this industry since there will be more and more homeowners with this need? They will also want operators with the sincerity and professionalism to meet their requirements.

He interrupted Raymond. Asked if JB Minsu was expanding. Raymond said Yes. In fact, he sometimes felt he could barely cope with the growth. George popped the question –

“I can help. Shall we work together?”

Raymond was stunned. He was speechless. He looked confused.

To cut an already long story short, Raymond accepted George’s proposal and Manyhomes was born.

Manyhomes is now always at your service and we will continually strive to please. We cannot wait to propose to you too…..